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Class Assignment 3/2/16

Radioactive Decay


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1.     What are the four kinds of radioactive decay?

2.     Describe what happens in alpha decay.

3.     Name two elements that go through alpha decay

4.     What happens during beta decay?

5.     Name an element that goes through this kind of decay.

6.     Explain how gamma rays are produced.

7.     What is ionizing radiation and why is it dangerous?

8.     Which form of radiation penetrates the farthest? Why?


Nuclear Medicine


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1.     What is nuclear medicine?

2.     List and two types of imaging techniques and describe how they work.

3.     Why are quickly multiplying cells such as cancer cells affected more by nuclear radiation?

4.     Name two things in the body that radioactive tracers can be used to locate.


Nuclear Reactors


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1.     Why does nuclear energy make people both hopeful and fearful?

2.     Why did the partial nuclear meltdown in Japan occur?

3.     Discuss the importance and function of control rods.

4.     List some of the extra precautions taken on the outside of nuclear reactors.

5.     Identify one PRO and one CON of nuclear power. Which side do you agree with?

6.     Why canít radioactivity be turned off with the flip of a switch?



1.     What is the function of the containment vessel? Why is it important?

2.     True or False? The vapor that rises from a coolant tower is radioactivity being released into the environment.



1.     Which activity on the page exposes you to the most radiation?


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