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The one reason that I do not like receiving the "Pass It On" award is that it makes you pass it on to someone else, which is very difficult. I could pass the award on to anyone in this building and I could not go wrong. We all work in a great school with a great faculty and staff.

I have decided to pass the award to MR. GREG GREY. Mr. Grey is more than deserving of this award. He has put in many tireless and selfless hours to make this school a great school.

He has been one of the two anchors that has held the ECMS Social Studies Department down through the years and has made it one of the best in the state. He holds high expectations for his students which is shown through his students' test scores each year.

He is probably best known as the "greatest" academic team coach in the state! He has dedicated so much time to this effort that it would be difficult for me to comprehend the hours. The hours of practicing, fundraising, organizing tournaments, driving the bus to tournaments and all of the other activities that we don't even know about.

Just when you thought Mr. Grey and the team had done everything possible, the team reached new heights this past year. The Edmonson County Middle School Academic Team advanced to the Questions Unlimited Quick Recall National Tournament Playoffs in Chicago, Illinois. The 2014-2015 was the winningest team in Edmonson County Academic Team history. The team placed 5th in the nation while competing against some the most prestigious programs in America.

When Mr. Grey does retire in the next 20 years, he will be greatly missed by all. Thank you to Mr. Grey! Greg Carter 9/4/15

There are so many hard working people in this building that it is really hard to decide on just one person to receive the award this week, but after a lot of thinking I have decided to pass the award on to MR. GREG CARTER.

I am not being partial because he is my neighbor at the end of the hallway, either. I truly believe he is deserving of this award. Greg has stepped up and is going to lead the Social Studies department. He is the future of Social Studies learning at Edmonson County Middle School.

I think that Greg sometimes feels like what he does is not important because he is not teaching full time in one department, but it is. We all are important in making this school successful. I have seen Greg try different things this school year, and he is helpful to his students and cares about them and their learning. He is always ready to help my 8th period students with math homework when I am unable, which is most of the time.

Greg is always there when someone is in need. He signs me in every morning so that I don't have to make the long walk down the hallway. He has covered my duties for me occasionally when things arise, and he has even helped my sub when I have had to miss.  I know that I can ask him for any favor, and if at all possible, he will be there to carry it out. He has educated me on tv, movies, and music. He is a man of many talents, a real Cat in the Hat.

He has been a chauffeur for Mr. Hay when his car broke down. He always comes through with his famous breakfast casserole on food days; he has dressed as a woman on at least 2 occasions that I know of in order for Ms. Treece to fulfill her fantasy of wearing a mullet. The thing I get the most pleasure out of, though, is when he and his buddy Chris come to school in matching shirts even when it's not "twin day."

In all seriousness, I believe that we are fortunate to work with Mr. Carter, and I am proud to call him my friend. Give him a pat on the back for a job well done! Mechille Gravil 8/28/15


In addition to the many things she does for ECMS and the awesome Social Studies instruction she provides her students, the amazing display of school spirit she showed yesterday makes her very deserving of this award!  Congratulations MECHILLE GRAVIL!

Brandon Prunty, Principal 8/21/15


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