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‘P a s s   I t   O n’


I would first like to thank Missy again for passing the award to me last week and for saying such nice things about me. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of a group of people who work as hard as this staff.  It takes the effort of all to meet high standards in education. This is why I am passing the award to the LUNCHROOM STAFF.  LINDA BURBA, MARY MEREDITH AND GINA SALZMAN. I have watched all of them through the years provide a smile and a warm service to our students and staff. They have endured many challenges through the years both professionally and personally, as we all have, and they come to work each day and provide a warm meal and a warm heart to our students and staff. Thank you ladies for being great role models for us and our students!   Charla Caudill  3/23/15

Since being relocated to the high school, I feel I have lost touch with my middle school family, which saddens my heart!  However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sheila for including me and for all of her kind words.  …and the Oscar goes to CHARLA CAUDILL.  If there was an Oscar for teaching, Ms. Charla would most definitely deserve it!  As all of you know, she oversees both the 5th 6th Center and Middle School libraries; where she does exceptional job at keeping the libraries well stocked and organized, which is a vital instrument in the educational advancement of our students. We all know what an amazing job Ms. Charla does here at school, but I would like to recognize her humanitarianism outside of these walls.  As long as I live, I will never forget what Ms. Charla did for me and my family.  It was several years ago, while still in the old Middle School building, I had surgery and was down for several days.  One afternoon, Ms. Charla stopped at my house with enough food to feed my family several meals.  Charla, your acts of kindness touched my heart and is forever imbedded in my memory.  For all of this, I am honored to pass the “Pass it on Award” to you Ms. Charla!          Missi, 3/13/15

I would like to recognize our Alternative Education teaching assistant MELISSA ‘MISSI’ JOHNSON with the ‘Pass It On’ award. For about 15 years now, Missi has done a super job working with some of our more challenging students while ‘locked away’ in a small room. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to spend one’s days in mostly silence, having little communication with other adults, without even a window to look out. But Missi has a special way of dealing with these students who are no doubt unhappy to be there and often unwilling to complete their schoolwork. At the same time, she is always cheerful and smiling. I appreciate her ability to do this job and do it well. In addition, I congratulate her for completing a degree last May in Early Childhood Education while doing not only this job but also simultaneously working at additional part-time jobs and studying. Congratulations Missi!   Sheila 2/27/15

We would like to give the Pass It On Award to MRS. SHEILA DURBIN.  Mrs. Sheila works very hard for our school to do our yearbook and make it look so good, she does a great job with attendance, organizes the kids that do the morning announcements, and covers teachers’ classes whenever needed.  We appreciate everything she does for ECMS!!  Thank you Mrs. Sheila!!!! Arlene and Kathy, 2/10/15

I would like to pass the award on to KATHY AND ARLENE. I couldn't pick just one of them so I decided they would have to share it (maybe keep it 2 weeks). Kathy and Arlene both do so much more than what is on their job description. They do everything and anything that is needed. They both take care of me! It would take forever to list the things they do for me, so I will just say I greatly appreciate everything they do. I have had two different people come observe my classes this year and both bragged on how well that the school looked. One said that it looked brand new, the other said it was the cleanest school she ever been in. Along with being great at their jobs they are great people and great friends to me.  I'm thankful every day for getting to work at a place with so many great people. Thank you all for what you do for our kids, community, school and me!       Brad Meredith 1/23/15


Passing this award along is a difficult task. I believe that everyone at ECMS deserves this award each week. Every individual here is hard-working and dedicated to the students and betterment of our school. I hate having to choose ONE person to pass this award to, because everyone is deserving.  With that being said, I would like to pass the award along to BRAD MEREDITH. He has been a person that I am proud to call my friend since he started working here at ECMS. Brad will do anything that is asked of him here at ECMS. He is truly a valuable asset to our school and the whole school system. He is always in the gym to conduct activities during reward time. He has a well-rounded PE program for our students. He is one the best cross country and track coaches in the area. As a matter of fact, one of the best coaches in the state. He is able to get the most out of his athletes. When I have been to meets with Brad and the team, you can tell that he and his teams are very well respected and well thought of.  He is definitely an indispensable member of our team at ECMS and he's someone I feel makes our school a better place.  He is also dedicated to his family, a quality that I like to see in today’s world. I think that everyone will join me and agree that Brad is a most deserving individual and team player for this award. Thank you for all you do BRAD!    Greg Carter   1/16/15

As previously stated by most everyone, there are many hard-working, dedicated individuals that work at ECMS. It's hard to choose ONE person to pass this award to, but I'll just choose someone who I know for sure is deserving.  I'd like to pass the award to GREG CARTER. He has been my "neighbor" since we started working in this building and I couldn't ask for a better co-worker or friend.  I've called on him so many times for favors and he's always offering to do helpful things.  Through the years, he's also been asked to teach almost every subject we offer here at ECMS and he always rises to the challenge and does whatever he's asked to do.  He's the epitome of a "team player" and he's someone I feel makes our school a better place.  I also know that he's a "family man" and tries to be a good role model.  This means a lot, because our students need good role models and need positive male influences in their lives.  I truly appreciate him and all he does to make our school a better place.   Amberly Alexander  1/9/15

I would like to pass the award on to MS. AMBERLY ALEXANDER. Amberly is a hard-working, dedicated teacher.  She has gone above and beyond for several years, working with the student council kids to put on programs and events such as the Student Council elections, Halloween Costume contest, Veteran's Day program, talent show, numerous dances, pep rallies, Christmas Angel shopping and wrapping, decorating our school for each holiday, recognizing Student of the Month, etc..., for the student body here at ECMS.  

Planning for all of these events and activities is stressful to say the least, and while students are running back and forth to her classroom in preparation for these activities, she continues to teach her classes.

I know, sometimes we take all of these things for granted.  I just want Ms. Amberly to know that I appreciate all of her efforts to make this school a better and more fun place for the teachers and the students!  Thank you Ms. Amberly!!     Mechille Gravil  12/19/14

As I tried to think about the “Pass It On” award and who should receive it next, I began to think about when I transferred to the middle school a few years ago. Everyone here made me feel welcome and a part of ECMS. Getting used to a new school and new age group was an adjustment, but the staff here impressed me with their dedication and work ethic. Then and now, I count myself lucky to work with such talented, hard-working people. Everyone in the building works to make our school a success!

 The great thing about my job is that I get to work with almost everyone. I see the great discussions and activities each of you use to involve our students in the learning process. For this week’s award, I want to pass along the traveling trophy to a very deserving teacher. MECHILLE GRAVIL works hard every day to present the past in interesting and creative ways. She maintains high expectations for her students--and it works! They step up to meet those high expectations. Mechille has a gift for developing rapport with her students that outlasts the middle school years. She often has students come back to visit or just talk. When I was at the high school I often heard students profess that she was their favorite teacher. Congratulations Mechille as the newest recipient of the “Pass It On” award!  Lecia Priddy 12/12/14

Choosing someone for the “Pass It On” award was also a difficult decision for me, since I know firsthand that everyone at this school works very hard every single day. Still, I have decided to pass on the award this week to MRS. LECIA PRIDDY.  Working with Lecia on a daily basis, I know how diligently she works with her students, giving them the one-on-one attention that they need.  She exemplifies extreme patience and kindness when working with them as well and is always the consummate professional in everything she does.  She is extremely helpful to me both in class and with our Beta Club activities and has even solely planned an activity for the students next Thursday to see a drama performance at the high school.  Therefore, I want to say, congratulations, Lecia, for being this week’s recipient of the “Pass It On” Award.  You most definitely earn this award each and every day.  ​Jennifer Lindsey 12/5/14

   There are so many great things going on in our school, and it is extremely hard to choose someone to give the Pass-It-On award to when there are so many deserving people. Dwayne said this morning that this is a good thing to do because everyone needs to hear good things about themselves once in a while. This is very true, as we all get to the point sometimes that we wonder if we are even getting through to some of these kids and it does bring us down. 

   After much thought and worry that I might hurt someone’s feelings (because there are so many deserving people here), I have decided to pass the award on to JENNIFER LINDSEY.  She has been such a big help to me and I know that there has to be times that she thinks, “Oh no!  What does she want now?”  She has helped me find lessons to go along with the novels that I have inherited, answered a million questions that I have asked, and listens to me gripe when I need to vent. 

   She is also very loved by the students here. I have 8th graders who had her last year that still hug her in the hall as we do hall duty during breaks. She is such a sweet person and is so good to everyone—both adults and kids. I really appreciate all of the help she has given me since I changed content areas. There have been times that I have felt like a fish out of water and she has always been so patient and offered help whenever I needed it. 

   These are only a few of the reasons that she is so deserving. I am very thankful to have her as a colleague and as a friend.  

 Karen Treece  11/21/14

I would like to pass the "Pass it On" award to KAREN TREECE.  Karen does whatever is asked of her, in order to benefit our school, as well as our students.  Karen has offered her services to ESS & Drama, and has switched subject areas, all within the past 3 years.   I think that we would all agree that Mrs. Treece is very dedicated & deserving of this award!  Congratulations, Karen!

Chris Hay 11/14/14

I would like to pass the "Pass it On" award to CHRIS HAY.  Mr. Hay is a team player who is working very hard each day to teach new science standards, is helping coach (a job I would never want), and is working on his Master's degree.  Mr. Hay really does enjoy the students and that is evident.  I appreciate all of his extra time and effort, and I know everyone else does as well.  Congratulations!

Britney Cole  11/7/14

The end of a crazy week has come, so I guess it’s time for the pass it on award. Let me tell you, getting the award is so much easier than determining who gets it next. There are all kinds of people in this building who are very deserving! This week the pass it on award will go to BRITNEY COLE. She has been a great mentor to me since I came into this building. She has always been there to help me out and I’m sure she has helped a lot of you out at some point. She is an amazing teacher, if you ever go into her room you can see by the organization and planning that she is on top of it. I wouldn’t doubt it at all if she has already made all of her copies up till Christmas. She never stops working, and to prove it I can nearly guarantee that she has been correcting my grammar in this email as she reads it. LOL Thank you Britney and congratulations! You deserve it.    Nathan Smith  10/31/14


Every staff member in our building deserves an award each week. Each of you work your tails off for our students every hour every day. I'm very thankful to work with such a great team! The only thing I can do is pass this award along to the person that is closest to me that hasn't had it yet, and that is NATHAN SMITH. It's been a pleasure to work with Nathan over the past year. He is very unselfish in offering materials and ideas, and is an extremely hard worker. This morning around 7:25, as I was heading to my classroom, he showed me a lesson he had created and offered it me to use if I wanted it. I knew immediately by the quality and length of the lesson that he had worked hard on it. I made a comment to him about that, and he shared with me that it was one of those mornings he had woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so he decided to come out to the school and get some work done. I believe he was here at 5:30. On a Friday!!! He does what it takes!!! He's been managing his roles as teacher, coach, athletic director, now-fiancé, and seems to never get rattled. I think he's doing a fabulous job and I feel lucky to be a part of his team.    Dwayne Clark  10/24/14     

<<<<<<<< As everyone has said during the previous weeks this is a hard thing to do. Everyone at ECMS works so hard to make sure that our students succeed. This week I would like to give the ‘Pass it On’ award to MR. DWAYNE CLARK. He has put in countless hours creating lessons and activities for his students in the classroom, working with kids one on one, and giving them encouraging words. He chose to start from scratch and leave 1st grade to tackle 7th grade math, and I think he's done an awesome job!  Congratulations Mr. Clark!! 
Amanda Davis 10/17/14


Working with such a high quality faculty and staff at ECMS makes the “pass it on” decision difficult.  Everyone here deserves this award; however, I can only pass the trophy on to one person. The individual I have chosen visits my office often discussing and reflecting on her lessons and teaching. She cares deeply about her students and wants to provide them with a high quality education. This being said, I respectfully pass the “Pass It On” trophy to MRS. AMANDA DAVIS.   Kelly M. Rich  10/3/14

<<<<<This is a hard decision. Being here at ECMS for my second year and working with a lot of you in class, opening your arms and welcoming me to be a part of your wildcat family, I feel blessed to be here. All of you do an outstanding job, and I hope someday a lot of these students realize what you all are trying to do for them. With that said, and this being a hard decision I'm just going to give the pass it on award to myself again. Just kidding. Seriously I've been thinking about this all week and I'm passing the award on to MRS. KELLY RICH. Kelly does an outstanding job and always willing to help out anywhere she is needed. Love each and every one of you. If I can help any of you in any way, please let me know.

May the good Lord bless you all,  Hoppy 9/26/14


This week's recipient of the Pass It On Award is someone that always makes my day a little better. I get met every day with a warm greeting, a smile, and a fist bump.  MR. HOPPY DECKER is a hard-working, giving individual who works to make ECMS and Edmonson County Schools a better place to be. Way to go Hoppy -- this is an award you truly deserve.    Greg Grey, 9/19/14

<<<<<<<  I have chosen an individual who is not only a remarkable teacher but also gives of his time and abilities to make our academic team the wonderful success that it has been over the past several years. MR. GREG GREY is a man of integrity who is a wonderful role model. He is honest, fair, and caring toward his students. Mr. Grey has done great things through the academic to give Edmonson County a wonderful reputation throughout the state. Thank you Mr. Grey for all that you do for our school and our students. You are appreciated.   

Melissa Bryant, 9/11/14


I am passing along the "Pass it on Award" to MS. MELISSA BRYANT. Ms. Melissa puts in countless hours teaching, supervising ESS, along with sponsoring Spirit Club. She is also one of our student athletes’ biggest fans, attending numerous football and basketball games. For these reasons, Ms. Melissa will be receiving the "Pass it on Award." Thanks for all you do for the students at ECMS!!       Kim Wood, 9/5/14

<<<<<<< I decided to pass the award on to MRS. KIM WOOD. She does so much for the staff, students and parents of ECMS and much more than her job requires of her, which helps this school function as great as it does each day. Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Kim the new recipient of the Pass It On Award.   

Sarah Justis, 8/29/14


Well it was a very hard decision to make, but I decided to pass the award on to MRS. SARAH JUSTIS.  Sometimes it is hard being the new person and trying to figure out how everything is supposed to be done. She has been working very hard and the students love her. Besides teaching she has even taken over as the new Cheerleading Coach and I’m sure that is not an easy job. Please help me in congratulating Mrs. Sarah Justis as the new recipient of the “Pass It On Award” for all of her hard work and dedication at ECMS.      Melanie, 8/22/14


<<<<<<< This week I am passing the trophy on to MS. MELANIE PIERCE. Mrs. Mel is always willing to pitch in and help anywhere she’s needed. She also does a lot of behind the scenes work for us setting up Think Link. Please join me in thanking her for her hard work and effort for ECMS!!!      Brandon Prunty, Principal, 8/15/14


We the staff feel that THANK YOU is not enough to say how grateful we are to have you MR. BRANDON PRUNTY. This year so far is going good, BUT it’s the first week of school - don’t prove us wrong. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

WELCOME BOSS!    Arlene, Kathy, Tim    8/08/14



The first recipients of the ‘Pass It On’ award for the 2014/15 school year goes to our custodial staff,  ARLENE/KATHY/TIM, for working hard this summer to have our building looking GREAT for us.

Brandon Prunty, Principal, 8/01/14


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